Writers—whether authors or students—need editors: not because they are bad writers, but because the writer is too often not the ideal editor for his or her own work.  Once you have written your manuscript or paper, we at Lotus Green Editing and Publishing will look after the editing tasks to help you on your way to success and  make sure that your work will not fall short on account of bad English.

It is easy!

Just select the specific editing service that you need  then  order and pay for each service as you go along,  YES—it is that simple!

Have manuscript. We’ll edit.
It’s fast, it’s personalized, and the edits are clear to see for comparison.
Submit your manuscript in as little as five minutes.


Too often, we’ve heard of authors complaining that they couldn’t recognize their works anymore after the editing of their manuscripts. 

At Lotus Green Editing and Publishing, we strive to keep your unique voice and tone while thoroughly going to the parts that need editing attention. 

You will not worry about the editing requirements of major publishing houses where you want to get published, because our editors are intimately familiar with them. You write the story using the insight gained through your life’s experiences, we’ll take care of the rest.


In-house editors will cost you overheads. With Lotus Green Editing and Publishing, it’s like having them right in your office, without the usual budget worries.

Our editors are trained in the language of marketers to ensure you get your marketing messages across without the usual typos and grammatical errors.

For your technical product manuals, we have editors who have written book-size company manuals written in accessible English, perfect for end-users of your products or services. 


Write your thesis and dissertation. Let us worry about the rest.

Dissertations and theses are difficult enough, so the last thing that you’d want is to get entangled in a mass of confusing field-specific terms and incorrect grammar to connect complex ideas in a comprehensible sentence.

You’d want all the technical mastery of English in as much accessible way as possible  to get your ideas perfectly across your peer reviewers, advisers, and your general audience.

We’ll format your manuscript using select design principles and superior software. Our award-winning artists will make sure your audience will be captivated by the beauty of your book covers at first look.

Our top-notch artists will work with you to come up with interior illustrations that perfectly reflect the message of your manuscript.