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Get this if your manuscript is only a step away from final production stage—it has been edited and formatted. No major changes needed: we’ll just check for last-minute typographical errors and formatting issues like widows and orphans.

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We’ll check your manuscript for consistency and correctness in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation, table formatting, and use of abbreviations. We’ll correct grammar, syntax, and word usage errors. We will point out paragraphs that are too wordy or convoluted and alert you to clarify unusual terms readers may be encountering for the first time.

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We’ll advise you on the organization and presentation of your story, making wholesale revisions to sections of the work as we see fit. We may rewrite some sections in order to improve text line by line. We will bring to your attention those sections that raise issues and suggest that you address them. We’ll point out any statements that seem incorrect.

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A developmental editor does not necessarily copyedit. If you feel you need the help of a developmental editor, it is best to engage one as close to the beginning of your project as possible.

We will match you with an editor who will help you shape the book as you write it, restructure the manuscript when necessary, and suggest ways to organize and format the entire book. Our developmental editor may help you add value to your work through the use of indexes, photos, charts or figures. Additionally, they will consider the overall structure of the work as well as its tone, plot, and characterization in case of work of fiction.

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Text Formatting
We’ll format your manuscript using select design principles and superior software.

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Cover Artwork
In publishing, books are truly judged by their cover. Our award-winning artists will make sure your audience will be captivated by the beauty of your book covers at first look.

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Specialty Services require a broad range of services. To avoid misunderstandings on pricing and delivery times, we request that you kindly submit your works / files for evaluation. We shall then promptly advise you, along with the actual cost and working schedule.



Comprehensive Editing Services

  • All editing is done electronically in Microsoft® Word, compatible with MS Word 7 and later versions.
  • Editing style follows the rules set by Chicago Manual of Style, AMA, APA, and others preferred by academies, businesses, and major publishing houses.
  • The edits are clear: you could easily see the changes done to your manuscript.
  • We will send you back the revised manuscript along with a clean file version —no more editing marks —to allow you to see your manuscript in its final uncluttered form.
  • If you are not familiar with the Track Changes feature in MS Word, we’ll send you a quick guide as well.