Too embarrassed to ask people  for  help writing those personal, intimate letters for fear of ridicule by people around you?

We know how it feels, that is why we at Lotus Publishing have added an extra level of service for  individuals with very special needs—under strict confidentiality of course. Your secrets are safe with us.


We all know how hard it is to express those feelings for that very special someone , only to find our emotions getting in the way of expressing ourselves coherently.  

First impressions can make all the difference,  at  Lotus Publishing,  we promise to get your message across without changing the meaning and intent of your Carta de Amor  for that  one true love.

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Reaching out with sincere, heartfelt apologies to those we have slighted one way or another can make the biggest difference between keeping a relationship or throwing it out the window completely.

Let Lotus Publishing handle these tricky personal situations to ensure you get to keep the relationships that truly matter to you — as you intended them  to be.

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Whether you’re applying for that dream job , asking for  assistance , travel visas or other applications,  a proper letter of introduction  is always the best way to open up those doors.  

A perfectly  written application letter  with the correct grammar ,  spelling and punctuations will leave an outstanding impression.

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Comprehensive Editing Services

  • All editing is done electronically in Microsoft® Word, compatible with MS Word 7 and later versions.
  • Editing style follows the rules set by Chicago Manual of Style, AMA, APA, and others preferred by academies, businesses, and major publishing houses.
  • The edits are clear: you could easily see the changes done to your manuscript.
  • We will send you back the revised manuscript along with a clean file version —no more editing marks —to allow you to see your manuscript in its final uncluttered form.
  • If you are not familiar with the Track Changes feature in MS Word, we’ll send you a quick guide as well.