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We’ll ensure grammar, punctuation, capitalization and other treatment of words are in order in your paper. We’ll help you be precise in the use of language, style, and structure to eliminate confusion and ease the passage of your hard work.

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We’ll make sure your admissions, academic, or personal essays are as persuasive and grammatically precise before you send them.

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We’ll help you launch your career by making sure your résumé is as crisp and interesting as it should be using precision grammar and masterful use of the language to highlight your talents and skills.

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Text Formatting
We’ll format your paper according to academic design principles and superior software.

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Our top-notch artists will work with you to come up with illustrations that perfectly reflect the message of your paper, research or presentations.

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Specialty Services require a broad range of services. To avoid misunderstandings on pricing and delivery times, we request that you kindly submit your works / files for evaluation. We shall then promptly advise you, along with the actual cost and working schedule.


Comprehensive Editing Services

  • All editing is done electronically in Microsoft® Word, compatible with MS Word 7 and later versions.
  • Editing style follows the rules set by Chicago Manual of Style, AMA, APA, and others preferred by academies, businesses, and major publishing houses.
  • The edits are clear: you could easily see the changes done to your manuscript.
  • We will send you back the revised manuscript along with a clean file version —no more editing marks —to allow you to see your manuscript in its final uncluttered form.
  • If you are not familiar with the Track Changes feature in MS Word, we’ll send you a quick guide as well.